Sidereus Player's Guide v10.0 - Coming Soon!

The End is the Beginning

Ten years of Sidereus have come and gone, and now Armageddon approaches! Join the Heroborn in deciding the true fate of the world, as a small group of Heroborn from the past work to undo the perils of an uncertain future.

Sidereus: Darkstorm is on the horizon!

Judges Wanted!

Do you have experience running games? Are you looking for a way to get involved, but would rather be behind the scenes? Sidereus is hiring Judges to help run our future events! Click to find out more!

Join Up!

Sidereus: Rivals

Sidereus: Rivals is more than just "Monster Camp". Rivals play a different game entirely - working to fight for the side of Shadow, raise the flags of evil, and bring down the status quo! Want to know more?

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